Land Based Craps Tips

When gamblers play craps at a land-based casino they can try additional methods to win, even though craps is not wholly a game of strategy. There are some straightforward land-based craps tips that can be applied to all casino games and others that only apply to craps.


1. Make the most of free odds. Even if a placed bet is not successful, the house edge can be drastically reduced by using free odds for pass line and come line bets, which can be placed in addition to other bets on the craps table.

2. Manipulate rolling. Some players count this craps strategy as one of their best land-based craps tips. With this method, gamblers put the numbers they want to roll face up in their hand, attempting not to shake them or have them land differently.

3. Pay attention to winning streaks. Players may choose to watch the patterns of shooters and bet with them. As it is unlikely that there will be consistent patterns happening throughout the entire game, players can find that the shooter is actually manipulating the dice. When the winning streak changes in this way, it is time to stop betting with that player.

4. Tip the dealer. This is a very effective strategy in craps, because when playing with a live dealer he may allow players to make higher odds bets.

5. Play only with the profits. Players can use several different strategies to manage their bankroll with various craps systems.


Although not all of these craps tips will work at online casinos, it is useful to practice playing craps online in order to prepare for a real casino environment. Similarly, playing slots online can help players prepare for playing the slots in an actual casino.

It is important to be aware that craps is not truly a strategy game; therefore no craps strategy is foolproof. Playing craps is always going to be a gamble because nothing is guaranteed regardless of what strategies players try.